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ONCOZEN is More experienced, More creative, more expeditious



Research &

Develop New Anti-Cancer Drug (FIRST-IN-CLASS & BEST-IN-CLASS)
New molecule of Novel Dual Action
New molecule for Novel Target
Focus on Mega-sized Market for Cancer therapeutics & Orphan Drug Market


CMPD (Chaperone-Mediated Protein Degradation) Platform Technology
Novel Modality for Target Protein Degradation
Extensibility for Indication
Targeted degradation of “Undruggable Disease-causing Protein” for Cancer/Rare Disease
Available to Design an Expansive & Diversity Pipeline


Open Innovation Strategy
Differentiation in selection of Asset
Professional Manpower for Research / Business Development
Availability of out-licensing business in early stage & co-development
Know-how to conduct Project
Expeditious Development Strategy, High Return Strategy

Business Development Strategy

For strategic EXIT, we share client needs to select items.
Increase project value with differentiated strategies, internal know-how
and solutions with MINIMUM RISK.

Human Resources from R&D of
Pharmaceutical Companies

New Drug Development Know-how in Korea and abroad
* Providing Consulting Service for Drug development
& Regulatory Affairs
on the basis of
Accumulated Experience & Pool

Development Progress Speed Up

Leverage external R&D infrastructure
Utilization of infrastructure such as authorized
institutions/research institutions (CMC/CRO)

Experience Various Exit Strategies

→ Securing L/O, L/I, and Co-development strategies
Excellent Domestic Pharmaceutical/Bio-human Network
Overseas Local Deal Connection → Short Term Biz Strengths

Internal Research Capabilities
→ Development of Candidate

Drug design platform
(Structural optimization)
In-vitro assay & MOA Verification

Has a Risk Hedging Solution

Securing In-house Assessment and
External Advisory Assessment System

Introduction of Development
Candidates for Needs

Domestic and International
Industry-Academic Association Networks


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